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Sales in Sun City

The Recent Trends

The following chart shows the recent sale of detached homes in Sun City.  Sales are running a bit behind last year but gaining slowly.

From a peak of about $215 per square foot at mid 2005 prices are now dropping reasonably steadily since Spring of 2007. Present decline is just less than 1% per month.


Detached Sales in Sun City

The Volume of detached sales is down a little but but in the range of prior years...



The Price per Square Foot appears stable to slowly increasing over the last months. Note that there appears to be a slowdown in the sales of the larger more expensive homes.



Attached Sales in Sun City


Sales are in keeping with normal levels over the years though well below the frenzied 2004. Sales appear to be weakening as the year rolls on.

Prices are clearly in decline. Attached prices are down over 10% in the last four months.

The following chart shows the price decrease clearly. It is simply the last few months expanded a bit.

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